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RC Ornamental LLC - 898 North 50 West - Midway - UT - rcornamental@hotmail.com - 435.513.0515

RC has done several projects for me.  I use RC Ornamental for all my steel work because they are fast, creative, efficient and thorough.  They have always delivered a top quality product on a reasonable budget.  Thanks RC!

John Abbott - Software Consultant

RC, as everyone calls him, is well versed in all aspects of home building as a licensed Contractor, but is particularly adept and talented in his specialty, ornamental metal fabrication.  He is the owner of RC Ornamental, LLC and examples of his metal-work can be seen throughout our new home in Tuhaye, Utah.  He is not only our first choice for ornamental metal-work, he represents the kind of person whose friendship we value most highly.

Darrell D. Burgess, MD

… thank you for all your service over the years.  With you working with our current clients, and having the hands on experience with the design of all of the railings and ornamental iron work, has really shown me what a great asset you are as one of our top sub-contractors.  The quality and speed at which you produce your product really can’t be matched in the industry.  Thank you for all your dedication and hard work, the clients always tell me you are one of our subs they really enjoy working with, so Thank You!!!

Scott F. Stubbs Sr. CGP - President - Legacy Group Construction

It is without reservation of any kind that I can recommend RC Ornamental for any type of ironwork.  He has proven to be responsive, detailed, meticulous and uncompromising in every facet of his working relationship with us.

Jerry Anderson - Jerry R. Anderson Construction LLC